79% of Smartphones Run on Android

Android, the mobile operating system seems to consolidate its market position in 2013. After Google’s operating system as on almost 69 percent of smartphones sold worldwide in 2012, Android set a new record in 2013. The share of Android devices sold in 2013 is 78.9%, the market researcher Strategy Analytics reports. This confirms a trend that was already seen in early quarterly figures of 2013.

Falling global share on iPhones

Which competitors have fallen compared to 2012: the iPhone was at 20% in 2012 among smartphones sold worldwide, and by 2013 it came down to 15.5%. This could be expected by the significantly larger number of producers of Android smartphones – but also by the modest success of the iPhone 5c, according to Strategy Analytics.

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smartphonesShare of Windows smartphones sold increased only slightly from 2.7% to 3.6%. The number of units shipped was however almost doubled: in 2012 they sold 18.8 million, in 2013 a total of 35.7 million. Due to the strong growth of Android Smartphones (from 481,5 million to 781,2 million) it is hardly an increase in percentage terms. So Windows continues a trend that we have already seen in previous quarterly figures.

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Other operating systems play less a role

Smartphones with other operating systems have lost market, e.g. BlackBerry 10. In 2012 their share of units sold worldwide amounted to 9.1%, it fell to just 2% in 2013. The units sold fell by 64 million to 19.8 million.


Black Friday / Cyber Monday Hosting Deals

Here you are, in front of a computer, and you want web space, but you don’t know how to get it. Maybe you do know how to get it, but you don’t know where to get it from. Maybe you’ve seen your share of hideous sites, and you don’t want to be the same. Maybe the hosting you have now puts a huge banner on every page. Whatever the reason is, welcome to the Definitive Guide to Finding Web Hosting.

Important Things to Consider:

What’s the goal of the site? Is this supposed to be professional? Is it just going to be used for storage? Are you looking for a small personal homepage? Do you plan on using PHP or other scripting languages?

Do you just want a simple, easy way to make a site?

If you’re looking to make a professional site, you’ll want to look into registering a domain name (i.e.: http://www.bonenet.net).

Some general guidelines:

You want something memorable. If you’re going to have a sub-domain (http://subdomain.domain.com) you’ll be wanting a short domain name so that people aren’t distracted by the domain name. “joe.bonenet.net” just isn’t glamorous or clean cut.

You want the server your site is hosted on to be reliable. It shouldn’t be a gamble of, “I wonder if my site will be viewable today…” Find a respectable host. Try to avoid a host that seems to have very few customers or a bunch scam sites.

Where to look:

  • Hosting Manual

Hostingmanual.net has a large database of black friday and cyber monday hosting deals that you can search to match your needs (see table). Along with a user ratings system and testimonials, sites that have had past problems have notes next to them.

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  • Google

Of course, if you ever need to find something on the Internet, use a search engine. Google is just a personal preference, but try searching for things like, “web hosting reviews” rather than “web hosting”. By shopping around you can choose which host will be the best for you.

  • WordPress.com

You can have your free website on WordPress.com – if you can stand having their fram on your page. This is an alright choice for the average user who just wants to set up a simple homepage with static HTML or CSS.

Common Features:

  • PHP/ASP Powerful server side scripting languages.
  • MySQL A Database for storing and accessing records.
  • Cpanel An web interface to manage your site. A very useful feature.
  • POP3/SMTP Mail Servers so you can send and receive emails
  • Bandwidth How much traffic your site is allowed.
  • SSH Secure Shell. Some sites allow you access to a *nix shell.
  • .htaccess Sets permissions for your site.
  • Backups Some sites provide utilities to backup your files.
  • CGI/Perl Use Perl on your site.
  • SSL Allows secure access to your site. (https://yoursite.com)
  • FTP File Transfer Protocol is a way to upload files.

Customer reviews – Not just testimonies from a few loyalists. Look for unbiased reviews.
Active Forums – Are often a good indicator of user base. Some sites require forum usage.
Web Hosting Review Sites – Read what people have to say, common issues etc.


New 4K Display by Dell

You know that we like technology. We especially like web hosting but we also like to report about more mainstream cool stuff. Click here to read a quick guide to web hosting. In this post we are reporting Dell’s new 4K display.


Just like the 32-inch UP3214Q – that is still unavailable in Europe – Dell has announced a product on a probably prematurely activated Web page. The 4K-Monitor is called UltraSharp UP2414Q. On the product page is for the South American country of Belize, the display is now on, where it has been discovered. Dell does not indicate a price there, but it is expected that the 24-inch monitor is significantly less expensive than the 32-inch display, offered by Dell in the United States for about $3,500.

After all, there are already some technical data of the UP2414Q. Its resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels like in larger 4K-Displays. With that comes the monitor on a pixel density of 184 dpi still not reached previously on PC monitors. The color room coverage is 100 percent for sRGB and 99 percent of Adobe RGB. Since the color table (LUT) can be changed, the monitor can be fully calibrated. The viewing angle is 178 ° in all directions. Dell still hasn’t published details about the type of the Panel.

The monitor has inputs for DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort or HDMI controller. Like other UltraSharp monitors, a card reader as well as a hub for USB 3.0 are installed, the latter has four ports. The stand allows height adjustment and tilting the display – a turning in the portrait (pivot) is not mentioned. For image processing that would be desirable but.

About the display Manager software by Dell, the monitor can be configured so that it completely switches off during rest periods, but sets only the minimum brightness. This is useful just for color-true work, because removed panels often only represent correct colors after a few minutes.

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