Inmotion Hosting Review

I was running a few different websites hosted on‘s servers; which, in case you didn’t know, is the same company as Web Hosting Hub. I pretty much have to say that I’m very dissatisfied with their company and services. Their servers were slow, I was continually exceeding CPU and being suspended, and their tech support is subpar.

Exceeding CPU

I was pretty excited when I first signed up for a year of hosting with Inmotion. Well, that excitement turned into frustration about three weeks later when my account was being suspended nearly every 15 minutes for “exceeding CPU.” Anytime I contacted their online tech support about this issue; they were very unhelpful and very condescending. Their general attitude was, “well, why don’t you fix whatever is wrong with your site that is making us suspend you…” or something along those lines.

Another Customer Asking About CPU Usage
Another Customer Asking About CPU Usage

Unhelpful Support

Another super annoying thing their online tech support liked to do was throw around esoteric terminology and then refuse to tell me what those terms meant when I asked. For some reason, they just can’t grasp the concept that not everyone has five years of experience as a webmaster. I looked at everything to find the issue with my site. I have gone through the entire Hostingmanual¬†site.¬†Eventually, I gave up on their online support and started calling their phone support.

Enters Phone Support

The phone tech support people were much more friendly, but also less knowledgeable. They would listen to my questions without tossing condescending answers at me, but they could rarely provide me with a solution. So, I had two options: talk to the online tech guys who had the answers but refused to give them to me, or, speak to the phone tech support who wanted to help me but didn’t have any answers.

Eventually, They Cancelled My Account

After four months of hosting with them, and finally fixing all the bugs I was having (on my own), Inmotion decided to cancel my account without any explanation. No matter which department I called or emailed about this issue, they never gave me another answer other than, “we advise you to find a new host.” I would not recommend them to anyone.

Review Summary
  • 6/10
    Overall - 6/10


Inmotion hosting is one of the better hosting companies even though I had a lot of problems with their CPU throttling and bad support. Since I have written this review, I have learned that all shared hosts work this way. By paying attention to your site, you can avoid the issues I have experienced.

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