Starting a Web Host with No Funds

Starting a Web Host with No Funds

If you have ever thought of starting a free or paid web host, but without any funds, this article will tell you why that’s not a good idea. By the time you finish reading it, you will know why you shouldn’t do that.

Have You Thought About Starting a Web Hosting Company?

I’m sure many people have thought of randomly starting a web host with no money and just a free domain or their up shore hosts subdomain, but you will never last that way. You could say you got your free domain and that you also got reseller hosting from a p2h, but I will now tell you why that’s not a good idea. Here is a little example.

All Solutions Are Not Equal

John got his free domain and free reseller hosting account and was ready to start his free hosting company. He got a lot of users, and wanted to upgrade his reseller account soon, but couldn’t since he was already on the highest one from his host.

Then his host went down for three days from a DDOS, and his clients are starting to get angry. Some of his clients lost their sites, but he can’t restore them since his up shore host didn’t have any backups. Things go on like this until the host where he got his p2h gets shut down for no reason, and he is now stuck with no website.

Paid Is Still Better

This could have easily prevented if John had a budget of around $300 or so dollars to start. You would not need to buy or rent a dedicated server; a VPS would do. For around $35 you can get a VPS from Geekstorage that has enough space and bandwidth (25 gigs of webspace and 200 gigs of bandwidth), plus it comes with a free control panel (Cpanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin).

And The List Doesn’t End There

Still doesn’t look like he’d need all that money? Well, he should also buy a control panel account creator. If he was making a free host, he should go with ipanel, but if he were going to make a paid host, it would be better to use WHMCS, it costs more but is better to use for a paid host. Check out more details on both of them from each account creators website.

Now there are only a few more things he should get. It would be best if John could register most TLDs to his hosting companies name (have at least .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, so that nobody takes his sites name and makes a competitor site of his.

Bulk Domain Search at Godaddy
Bulk Domain Search at Godaddy

You Will Need Patience

One thing you will always have to remember is that you will not earn money when you start. It may take almost a year to break even, so you must make sure you have enough money to make it through a year with a little profit.

I may write an article soon about preparing for starting your host.